The Black Mill Devlog: #1

I was going to say "Hello" or "Good day," but in keeping with the spirit of Gothic novels, it would be more apt to say, "Good dark-and-dismal-night."

All the same, I've provided a version of Black Mill for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I've also provided the Godot .pck file, because it needs to be in the same location as the .exe in order for you to play the game. (Yes, I edited this post because I neglected to mention that before.) 

In the future, if it suits my black heart to do so, I might upload some non-essential goodies as well, such as translations or bonus features, but right now, I await your responses before I make any changes.

Thanks for viewing!


Black Mill.exe 26 MB
Jul 28, 2018
Black 991 MB
Jul 28, 2018
Black Mill.x86_64 26 MB
Jul 28, 2018
Black Mill.pck 975 MB
Jul 28, 2018

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