The Black Mill Devlog: #2

Hello again.

Although the Gothic Novel Jam has since concluded, I've noticed there are some bugs in the original version of Black Mill. I'm making this post in order to rectify that, and also to respond to a post from jam host AshGary, who mentioned that the game kept crashing: thank you, AshGary, for bringing that to my attention.

Attached to this post is the newly updated version of Black Mill: once again, there are four files, one for each platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) plus a .pck file, which is necessary for the game to play on Windows and Linux. The new downloadable files can be identified by the word "_edit" appended to their names.

The bug fixes are as follows:

1. This game was formatted for display on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, and it still is. However, in the original, if you try to play the game on a device with a different aspect ratio (I tested it on a 4:3 monitor), you will be able to see things outside the bounds of the playable area, things the player shouldn't be seeing ("inside the sausage factory," as it were). I've changed the screen properties for the new version, so that all those little tidbits sortis des rails du jeu are no longer visible.

2. Originally, the cut scenes that follow after clicking a glowing interactive area tended to play outside or partially outside the screen. Thankfully, that has now been fixed, too.

3. The original version had no "Pause" function, which made it impossible to, naturally, pause, but also impossible to quit, since there was no "Return to Main Menu" capability. In Windows, this could be solved by hitting the Windows icon key and manually saying "Close," but evidently that's not something a player should have to do. (In Linux, there is no way to solve it.) In the new edition, though, I've added the "Pause" ability, so now you can just hit "Esc," just as you would in most games.

4. Last but not least, I realized that I misspelled Juan Linietsky's name in the closing credits. (Juan Linietsky is, along with Ariel Manzur, one of two creators of the Godot game engine, which was used to make Black Mill.) Sorry, Mr. Linietsky, and by the way, I've fallen in love with the Godot game engine!

I think this just about wraps it up. I've also added a trailer for the new version, which you can watch at the game's page, or at my Vimeo.

Fare thee well, and thanks for reading!


Black Mill_edit.exe 26 MB
Aug 16, 2018
Black 991 MB
Aug 16, 2018
Black Mill_edit.x86_64 26 MB
Aug 16, 2018
Black Mill_edit.pck 975 MB
Aug 16, 2018

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