The Black Mill Devlog: #3

Hello again, and thanks for dropping by.

Lately I've noticed that, although the .pck file is a necessary file for the Windows and Linux versions, very few people have downloaded it. I imagine that , as a result, very few people have actually been able to play the game. It is understandable, though; one file would just be so much more efficient.

That being said, I've made five new files available: each is a .zip file that includes both the executable and the .pck, together. It's all in one place now.

All you need to do is download the .zip for your device! 

At the end of each file name is the name of the platform and the bits version, and that's pretty straightforward: for example, if your device is a 64-bit Windows, then download "Black" The Mac OSX version uses Universal binary, so it should be good for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

Just one file! So much easier!

Fare thee well, and thanks for reading.


Black 974 MB
Aug 25, 2018
Black 972 MB
Aug 25, 2018
Black 989 MB
Aug 25, 2018
Black 975 MB
Aug 25, 2018
Black 977 MB
Aug 25, 2018

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